Ainslie Roberts - Australian painter, photographer and commercial artist

Artwork Songman and the Two Suns: More about the painting

Songman and the Two Suns - click to enlarge

In this myth from Arnhem Land, Jungkao - the creator - and his sister Madalait set out in a canoe.

As they approached land, they delighted in the long lines of light from the distant sandhills and Jungkao wrote songs about them.

Detail: Songman and the Two Suns - click to enlargeJungkao's wife Walo - the sun-woman - and her daughter Bara rose in the eastern sky, but Walu, fearing that two suns in the sky could scorch the earth, sent her daughter back.

Jungkao decreed that the lines of light would always be the sacred marks of him and his descendants.

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