Ainslie Roberts - Australian painter, photographer and commercial artist

About the prints : premium quality editions on artists' canvas

The Encounter 1802 - visit the gallery to view enlargements and other artworkAll our images have been scanned from the original works using a state-of-the-art 200 megapixel camera/scanner or drum-scanned from the transparencies used for Ainslie's Dreamtime books.

The digital images have been colour-corrected to replicate the originals and are printed on archival quality artists' canvas using the giclee process.

Storm Warning - visit the gallery to view enlargements and other artworkIn this process, a slowly-moving print head transfers very fine droplets of ink to canvas rotating on a high speed drum.

It is an extremely precise process that can take over an hour, but it delivers superb results, with a resolution much finer than conventional printing can achieve.

This process is now the yardstick in fine art editions worldwide.

Most prints are offered in their original size and one or more smaller sizes.

All our limited editions are numbered and signed by the artist's estate and each print is supplied with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.