Ainslie Roberts - Australian painter, photographer and commercial artist

Giving something back: Funding health programs

Birthplace of the New Moons  - visit the gallery to view enlargements and other artworkAustralian Indigenous communities are largely underfunded. As a result, the members of these communities can experience poor health, social and economic conditions, with lifelong disadvantage often being established in the early years.

Darambal of the Dreamtime -  - visit the gallery to view enlargements and other artworkMany Indigenous children suffer recurrent ear infections and some have severe hearing disabilities before they start school, which can result in poor educational and employment outcomes.

These infections can be prevented through environmental interventions, early detection and effective treatments.

We direct a significant proportion of each sale to the provision of hearing health services in the communities who gave us these myths, commencing in Arnhem Land where the Wulawait myth was collected.