Ainslie Roberts - Australian painter, photographer and commercial artist

Ainslie Roberts: Archival quality prints on canvas from a renowned Australian artist

Wuluwait, Boatman of the Dead - visit the gallery to view enlargements and other artwork

The works of Ainslie Roberts hang in galleries and in corporate and private collections in Australia and throughout the world.

Millions have been introduced to the stories of the world's longest continuous civilisations through his Dreamtime paintings.

The myths represented in these paintings come from the longest continuous civilisations on earth - the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples of Australia.

From Tony Banks to the Australian Mint:From the front cover of Tony Banks' first solo album to the Australian $2 coin - a unique talent

The work of Ainslie Roberts features in worldwide popular culture, not just in galleries and showrooms.

Tony Banks of Genesis chose the famous painting of "Wuluwait, Boatman of the Dead" (featured above) as the cover artwork for his first solo album.

The Australian two-dollar coin, designed by sculptor Horst Hahne features an image of an Aboriginal elder based on the original artwork of Ainslie Roberts, taken from one of his lithographs.

Roberts described himself as "a communicator… a white man painting in a white man's way and trying, visually, to show the white people of Australia that this fascinating land they live in has a rich and ancient cultural heritage that they should be aware of and respect".

Ainslie Roberts is a unique Australian painter and is proud to offer selected high quality prints showcasing his work.